General Description: The 3000 ltrs suction machine mounted on a suitable trailer chassis, which can be towed to the worksite by a tractor. The high performance exauster/compressor can be operated in both vacuum and pressure mode. Blowing of pressurized air/ water into the chamber dislodges the sediment solids which combine with the liquid effluent to form sludge. This is then collected into a tank by operating the system in the vacuum mode.

Chassis: Heavy Duty single axle trailer chassis shall be provided onto which equipment shall be mounted. The trailer shall have wide wheel base and a low centre of gravity to ensure optimum road stability in dynamic condition. The chassis shall be manufactured from ISMC 125 sections and shall be all electrically welded construction. The sludge tank shall be fastened to the long bearers through saddles at 4 points by HT nutbolts. The tow bar shall be electrically welded, and fabricated out of two ISMC box sections. An all forged, spring loaded steel tow eye, and a retractable stand shall be fitted onto the tow bar.

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Tractor Sewer Suction Machine

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